AWDlivesupport J3.0+ (rev_6)



Joomla 2.5

AWDlivesupport J3.0+ (rev_6)

AWDlive Support is a Joomla component for joomla 3.0 that lets you easily integrate a live support chat in your website.

"THIS IS NOT A HOSTING SERVICE" - Ones you buy the component you can install it in your licensed site domain and no need to pay again.

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  • Frontend settings and support window
  • Manage operators setting
  • Manage preset responses
  • Chat logs.

The downloadable zip file contains:

  • - Component
  • - Module
  • - Plugin

 they all need to be publish for the extension to work correclty.

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1-  Unzip the zip file you download from your account. (you will see a component, module, plugin)

2- Install them all in your joomla as any other extension and publish them all

3- Publish the module in an available module position in your template.

4- Create a menu link for AWDliveSupport as "special level"

5- After you created the menu to AWDlivesupport, you can login in frontend and click on the AWDlivesupport menu link you created, this will take you to your awdlivesupport administration settings.

6- There you will see you live supporter chat window and settings.Now you are ready to support your customers, Done.


Now you are ready to support your users

1- go online by clicking on this icon



Now you wait for your customers :)

Happy supporting!!!


  • - Only the main super admin user has access to the component

  • - Only then main super-admin can assigned other users to be supporters on the awdlivesupport frontend setting

  • - When you are online suporting your users! You should open your admin awdlivesupport link in a window or tab on its own so you always have that open.

  • - By refreshing the support panel page you will get an "error icon" that is just telling you that connection has been disconnected by refreshing the page. that is not an issue. that is just an ajax warning

  • look at this video for admin settigns







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